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“$25 Million Redevelopment Transforms Irvine’s Intersect into a Next-Generation Campus”

landLAB is proud of their partnership with Hines and Interior Architects on the Intersect Corporate campus, this collaboration has brought new life to the site and has enriched the work environment for the existing and new tenants to the site with health, wellness and sustainable features. Learn more about the development and the future of the campus from Hines on their latest press release page.


Adding the Finishing Touches to Intersect Corporate Campus

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Adding the Finishing Touches to 13 & J Alexan!


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Game On Cougars!! CSU San Marcos Clarke Field House Expansion Soon to Wrap Construction!

Howard Hughes Corporate Center in Motion


The Landscape Refresh project at Howard Hughes Center in LA is soon to be completing construction. The project focuses on the replacement of lawn and mounds for a more programmable/flexible and sustainable space for existing and new tenants of the rental building spaces. The new corporate space is a joint partnership with Hines and will include recreational spaces, flexible outdoor meeting/living rooms and dining spaces, multiuse/event lawn for corporate office tenants and Pepperdine student body and faculty. The Center already includes two parking structures and underground parking garage.


The previous site had limited access to/from parking structure and the office buildings as well as extensive unusable lawns that required high water use, maintenance intensive trees, and no integrated storm water management systems are all areas that can be remedied in a new design. The new landscape will consider these as prime targets to reduce operational costs, both water and maintenance,  as well as create a more sustainable place that meets LEED goals and performance standards and is in tune with what modern landscapes need to do in an urban context.

Warren College Courtyard soon to complete construction


Argo Hall is almost Ready for Back to School!!


Sempra; The Final Touches