The Facts

Location: Irvine, CA, USA
Size: 10.5 Acres
Partners: Interior Architects
Client: Hines
Budget: $6 Million
Completed: Under Construction

About the Project

landLAB collaborated with Interior Architects on Hines refresh of an existing 4 building  corporate campus in Irvine  California. The goal of the proposal is to revitalize and activate un-programmed and unused spaces and update the landscape that consists mainly of unsuitable open lawn areas and with a sustainable and low maintenance landscape and outdoor amenities and spaces. The project “Intersect” is based on the notion of wellness+ workplace, creating amenities for not only the campus, but the surrounding neighborhood with the introduction of Micro Retail, featuring smaller local businesses, while creating a new destination “Bier Garten” in the central courtyard space. The project incorporates on site stormwater, and low water use plantings, combined with a mix of outdoor spaces and program making this a unique corporate campus in Orange County.

Site Plan

Design Concept Views