The Facts

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Size: 400 Sq M
Partners: Noel Harding Studio
Client: City of Burnaby
Budget: N/A
Completed: 2012

About the Project

A celebration of an intimate relationship with Nature. A vessel… a watering vase… inviting notions of nurture. The vase holds stems identifying the personal character of composing flowers or branches. The vessel’s metal at its base creases as if being the human action of stepping forward or a subtle reminder of a rain boot. There is whimsy and play associated. Branches reach upward holding wings, abstracted leaves collecting rain. A mesh of reflecting metal suggests a tree canopy of foliage or a cloud in the sky. Climbing vines trace and grow with mesh being a trellis for vines to extend. A rainy day spouts water falling into the planter below. A sunny day gives a glint to a trickle of water on the surface of the steel. The scheduled cycle of plant irrigation creates a parallel display of water dripping from the spout. At the base there is a transition of plantings as the sculpture saturates surrounding soil. The

Structure Hydrology

Structure Materials