The Facts

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Size: 65 Sq. M
Partners: Noel Harding Studio
Client: City of Toronto
Budget: N/A
Completed: Under Construction

About the Project

The Mimico Creek project is a public art project in collaboration with artist Noel Harding in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The main concept of the project is to interpret and display a sense of local “folklore,” the wilderness “not discovered” of Mimico Creek, its ecology, flora and fauna in the form of visual story telling. The “book” form of the piece not only tells the story of the landscape, but it also takes part of its story as it interacts and changes hour by hour each day, season by season in the year. Attention to detail in the materials proposed for the project help establish mimicry, a reflection of the surroundings, durability and sustainability. The paving pattern follow the flow and form of the creek that “runs through it” while the planting reveals the riparian ecology of the creek. The team was the winner of # teams short-listed for this project.