The Facts

Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Size: 3.5 Acres
Partners: Architects Roseling Nakamura Terada
Client: UC San Diego
Budget: N/A
Completed: 2014

About the Project

landLAB collaborated with Architects Roseling Nakamura Terada on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Research Support Facilities at University of California San Diego aka ‘Seaweed Canyon’ an existing, functioning research, staging and storage facility tucked away in a deep canyon on the UCSD campus. Currently researchers carry out their work in the original Camp Matthew’s Quonset Huts dating back to 1942. Updates to the facility include three new high bay buildings, increased staging areas, photovoltaics, and improved emergency vehicle and tractor-trailer truck access. Storm water will be channeled from the roofs and paved areas and infiltrated in to two large vegetated bioswales. Buildings will be screened and softened by retaining all existing native trees and layering and understory of California native plants. By restoring a little more of the canyon landscape to its original state, and responsible architecture.

Site Plan