The Facts

Location: Montreal, Quebec, CA
Size: ? Acres
Partners: Noel Harding Studio
Client: Montreal Symphony
Budget: N/A
Completed: 2008

About the Project

landLAB collaborated with artist Noel Harding on a public art competition for the Montreal Symphony. The work consists of three lighting structures that suggest oversized desk lamps. The polished stainless steel lamps contain LED light arrays that are powered by a pole-mounted wind turbine, providing character from afar and within through reflection and light; choreographed by season, weather, light, clouds and night. The lighting structures illuminate a ‘stage’ space for public participation, interaction, and convergence. The installation is balances and complements the scale of adjacent architectural lighting, while creating an immediate psychological enclosure open to the sky with glowing red light, expanding and retreating ever changing. The team was one of five teams shortlisted for this project

Proposed Site Plan

Red Light Breeze