The Facts

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Size: N/A
Partners: Noel Harding Studio
Client: City of Calgary
Budget: N/A
Completed: 2007

About the Project

Artist Noel Harding and landLAB collaborated on an urban public art project for a mixed use residential/commercial project in downtown Calgary. Landscape River offers an image of Calgary refracted in landscape impositions and reflections. A mountain outline silvered in the sun toward an evening inner glow. A narrative instilled with mirroring vessels and containers that attenuate and embolden the stature of living trees. Held in the hill is a symbolic vessel remembering watering. It is a magnification of the plant in the window with a turning tree signifying the rise of the sun each morning. A river of people as ripples, a stream that stretches extending the site giving weather and seasons. A sequence of LED video screens and linked cameras located to establish “being there”. Events like this are given to commentary, the community talks, the community listens. The team was one of five teams short-listed for this project.

Site Plan

Camera Plan