The Facts

Awards: ASLA SD Merit Award 2016
LEED Rating: Silver certified
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Size: .5 Acre
Partners: Vasquez Marshall Architects
Client: UC San Diego
Budget: $2.5 Million
Completed: 2013

About the Project

landLAB and Vasquez Marshall Architects collaborated in the design of a new courtyard for the newly renovated Blake Residence Hall at the University of California, San Diego. While providing a place for students to unwind and relax; the courtyard landscape design draws inspiration from the native palm arroyo landscape, endemic to Southern California. Cast-in-place concrete seat walls integrated with sustainable hardwood decking and LED lighting provide a sense of identity to the courtyard and define outdoor spaces where students can eat, study, and socialize. Sustainable, Low Impact Development methods are employed in the design such as filtration and detention of rainfall and storm water runoff, low water-use and adaptive plantings partnered with a high efficiency irrigation system, and use of local hardscape materials.

Site Plan