The Facts

Awards: ASLA SD Merit Award 2016
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Size: 1.3 Acres
Partners: Snipes-Dye, Michael Wall Engineering
Client: UCSD
Budget: $2 Million
Completed: 2015

About the Project

The site improvements to Argo Hall are the final piece of the Revelle College renovation. landLAB has played a large role in the renovation eastern portion of the college with the designs of the adjacent Blake Hall and Revelle Café Projects. The overarching goal of the landscape improvements was to forge a new and more sustainable landscape typology for the campus. This included the elimination of large expanses of turf, recontouring campus edges and the reintroduction of native riparian plants and trees used for the biofiltration of stormwater. The design for Argo Hall takes this design framework one step further creating a storm water filtration system that is a feature and gateway element to the college and historic Revelle Plaza. The 100 foot long Cor10 bioswale showcases the biofiltration of water and provides the surrounding areas areas stormwater with a modern design that is both functional and beautiful.

Site Plan

Vicinity Map

“The Current” Site Plan

“The Current” Site Section

Design Goals

Hydrology Goals