The Facts

Location: Hainan Island, China
Size: 22000 Sq M
Partners: Mco. Architects
Client: Withheld
Budget: N/A
Completed: Under Construction

About the Project

landLAB collaborated with Myklebust Company on The Sanya Lihe International Center 5 star  Hotel and residential tower that was designed to  bring together a market tailored program mix of retail, restaurants and entertainment to offer a collection of venues unique to the properties in the Sanya Resort region. The organization of the site planning has been conceived to unify an existing structure with the new buildings into a singular resort experience centered on a new grand pool area. The hotel and suite towers will offer nearly unobstructed views to Sanya Bay from the guestrooms and will have separate drop-off and lobby entry areas on the north and east sides of the site. A retail passage with street frontage will feature life-style related shops, regional and international cuisine, a spa and TV. A new ballroom will expand the area for special events or conventions.

Site Plan