The Facts

Location: Hainan Island, China
Size: 33000 Sq M
Partners: Mco. Architects
Client: Withheld
Budget: N/A
Completed: Under Construction

About the Project

landLAB collaborated with Myklebust Company and Schmidt Curley Golf Course Architects on the White Stone Mountain Golf Village Hotel. Located adjacent to the Changling reservoir near Qionghai on the west coast of Hainan Island, China, the new 18 hole golf resort features a golf clubhouse that cater to vacationing golfers and spa clientele. The hotel and clubhouse are designed to accommodate large golf tournaments and have been carefully sited to maximize views to the 1st and 18th holes, natural reservoir, and surrounding landscape. The hotel features natural, hot- spring spa pools and invigorating cold pools, outdoor dining terraces, as well as a floating tea pavilion and boat dock. Villas have been carefully integrated into the golf course layout to provide both views and direct access to the golf course and open space corridors. Adjacent to the golf course is a mixed use development with service apartments, town houses and an executive golf course, reservoir and mountains beyond.

Site Masterplan