The Facts

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Size: 1.5 Acres
Partners: T.B Penick & Sons
Client: Hines
Budget: $2.5 Million
Completed: 2015

About the Project

landLAB was hired by Hines for the refresh of the corporate campus of Howard Hughes Center located in Los Angeles California. The goal of the proposal is to revitalize and activate unprogrammed and unused spaces and update the landscape that consists mainly of unsuitable open lawn areas and unsuitable tree and planting species with a sustainable and low maintenance landscape. The existing Howard Hughes Center has plenty of spaces that can be activated with various programs for the diverse range of groups, accommodating both large and small group gatherings. Another area of emphasis is the need for a narrative to accompany the name and aviation legacy of Howard Hughes, the man after the center is named.

Site Plan

Concept Schemes