The Facts

Location: Toronto, Ontario,Canada
Size: 1000 Sq M
Partners: Noel Harding Studio
Client: ?
Budget: N/A
Completed: 2013

About the Project

The structure silhouette is reminiscent of Toronto’s agricultural past while the oak beam structure is iconic to Canada’s bountiful resources. A symbol of community resonance, the installation is identified and linked to it’s cultural ‘past’ thereby enabling community to evolve identity as the perceivable sense of having a ‘location’ of reference. Located on a trade route of significance, ‘Dawes Crossing’ is titled in a parallel evocation as integrating community enabling objectives. As a transit point the site moves the people into it and often to wait and sit. The site as harvesting sun and wind to provide income. Income provides community with resources to seed a vision. Establishing place as framework allows completion as community amplitude. The sculpture provides free wireless Internet access. AC outlets are accessible. Lighting can be programmed. Events can be staged. A plaza for markets and kiosks can appear. A lawn and audience space allows music evenings or community festival.

Site Plan

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

Water Collection