+ San Marcos K-8 School | in progress
landLAB and hmc architects | San Marcos, California+

The landscape design for the Rancho Coronado School is based on fulfilling the needs of the students and faculty by creating spaces that facilitate creative and educational interactions and integrate the campus into its hillside setting. The site circulation has been carefully considered to accommodate all the various users of the school on a typical day. Multiple vehicular drop off locations are available to parents with separate zones for kinder, elementary and a separate bus drop off to help avoid congestion. An architectural canopy will allow children to wait for pickup in a covered location. The entrance to the school will be open and inviting featuring a large concrete plaza area that will be accented with decorative scoring and circular tree planters with seat height walls. Views from the entry plaza will capture the adjacent planned park, visually and physically linking the two areas as part of the overall city master plan.
Specialty garden and outdoor spaces are provided to the east of the classroom building that focus on art, agriculture and science. Natural science demonstration gardens and outdoor spaces will provide places for hands on exploratory learning beyond the confi nes of the classroom. Additionally, the area of the phase two footprint is an excellent opportunity to explore the creation of a community garden which would emphasize the role of the new school as a partner and resource within the neighborhood. Together all of these elements will form a fl exible and rich campus design that will compliment the architecture and mission of the school.

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